Cold Ocean Salmon – St. Albans, NL

About Us

In 1985, our family decided to take control of our own destiny by establishing Kelly Cove Salmon. What started as a humble family aquaculture company with a single marine site has grown into a global seafood leader with fully-integrated facilities, product lines and distribution networks. In 2004 Cold Ocean Salmon was established in Newfoundland and Labrador with hatcheries, sea sites and processing facilities.

We shall ensure that our farming practices, both on land and in the marine environment, are conducted in a manner that causes minimal alterations to the benthic environment – by implementing best practices and new technologies; to the surrounding wildlife – by limiting interactions through design; and to the landscape – by mitigating against litter, pollution and lost or abandoned marine debris.

We shall operate in a manner that respects other resource users such as First Nations, industry peers, fishermen, the tourism industry, and the public.We shall demonstrate respect for the working environment, supporting sustainable development and environmentally sound business practices and operate our facilities following applicable legal and other requirements in every jurisdiction where we operate.

We shall integrate and infuse quality and food safety principles within the company and between the various divisions as well as ensure that this Policy is available to the public and shared with all employees and those persons who may affect our food safety, quality, and environmental performance. Through our vertical integration, we commit to full traceability across our operations, from the feed ingredients sourced, through to the end product as it leaves our facilities and all inputs in between.

We shall participate in local aquaculture siting strategies and/or Bay Management Areas where applicable. We participate and support local initiatives that improve our communities, coastlines, and oceans such as the Marine Debris Program, Fundy Wild Salmon Recovery Partnership and various other community and Government projects.

Our employees shall be educated and trained to uphold high standards of safety, food safety, quality and operational integrity while handling our fish and products, and we shall provide the necessary infrastructure, resources, and training to enable them. We shall work with and liaise with government, non- government organizations, customers, employees, neighbours, and the community to work towards improving our processes and we shall continue to adopt best practices, which are verified by external third-party certifications, such as the Best Aquaculture Practices.