Grieg Seafood Newfoundland – Placentia Bay, NL

About Us

Grieg Seafood is one of the world’s leading fish farming companies, specializing in Atlantic salmon with past and current operations in Canada (British Columbia and Newfoundland), United Kingdom (Shetland), and Norway (west and north coasts).  Our headquarters is in Bergen, Norway, with over 750 people working in the company throughout all our regions.

Grieg Seafood decided to invest in operations in Newfoundland to strengthen its presence and growth in Canada, due to the proximity to the growing North American market. Grieg Seafood Newfoundland Ltd. is comprised of two subsidiaries focused on the land-based aspects of production (Grieg NL Nurseries Ltd.), and the marine sea-cage sites (Grieg Marine NL Ltd.). Both our land-based operations and marine sea cage sites are located within Placentia Bay, Newfoundland.


We are sea farmers. We live by and for the ocean. In cold and clear waters we produce salmon to people all over the world. Our fish is healthy for humans and sustainable for the planet. We are open with each other. We share knowledge and ideas and learn from each other. We meet new perspectives with an open mind. We are always honest – also in difficult situations. Our managers have an open door and welcome suggestions for ways to improve.

We are open and transparent towards society. That is the only way we can earn people’s trust. We proactively share honest information about our operations with the public, the authorities, and the media – even before they ask. We invite the community to our facilities, participate in the public debate, and engage in dialogue with other users of the fjords.

We not only treat each other with respect, we care. We care about our people and help them flourish and develop their talents. We foster a caring environment – even in difficult situations and when hard decisions must be made. We care about our fish and the natural environment that is vital to the production of healthy salmon. We work constantly to maintain good biological control and reduce our impact on the environment. We will pass healthy fjords and salmon on to future generations.

Every day, we endeavor to do our job in the best possible way. We never settle for the average. We walk the extra mile. We always strive to improve. We think big and set ambitious goals for everything we do. We are not afraid of making bold decisions, even if they are tough and push us out of our comfort zone. We embrace change and innovation. We prioritize our commitments and carry them out. Our ambitious goals aim to make Grieg Seafood ever more profitable. Only then can we develop the salmon farming industry further.

We care about our communities. We recognize that the fjords belong to them, and we take their concerns seriously. We are a good neighbour. We create opportunities and lasting value for society.